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Many people have never heard of polyurethane millwork products – yet they see them constantly and don’t even realize it.

-Randy Miller, Nu-Wood Director of Sales


More and more of the “wooden” embellishment products that are used on both the interior and exterior of homes is actually made of polyurethane rather than wood.


Really? Why? What is the advantage?


Three Things…

The first is the Cost.

The cost of not only the product, which is usually comparable or less than the same product made in wood, but also the labor cost to finish and install the part. All of Nu-Wood’s products are shipped ready to install when you take it out of the box. It already has a factory applied primed white finish on it (which can be either left as is, or painted over).


The second is the Ease Of Installation.

Use the same methods to install our products as you would their wooden counterparts…only there is no assembly, they are ready to install right out of the box.


The third is Performance.

Nu-Wood’s polyurethane millwork products don’t absorb moisture as wood does. That means that once your Nu-Wood products are mounted to the home, your buyer most likely will never have to paint them because they will not crack, split, blister, flake or be eaten by insects. Ever. Here in Indiana, that’s what we call VALUE ADDED!


It is those three simple facts: COST, EASE OF INSTALLATION and PERFORMANCE that have more and more contractors and builders turning to Nu-Wood as their go-to millwork supplier for all of their applications.

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