faux columns used in a sign
white stone faux column

Masonry Columns are the perfect answer to a variety of problems.

So easy to install that home owners can do it themselves, yet realistic looking to the finest detail that no one will ever know that you didn’t hire a masonry sub-contractor to build and install them. Builders and contractors love them because they can be installed without a masonry sub-contractor at ANY TIME OF THE YEAR IN ANY WEATHER. Nu-Wood offers a variety of styles, colors and sizes to fit every taste and need. Ask about mailbox options and the ability to attach fencing to Nu-Wood Masonry Columns.

Information You Need To Know

Nu-Wood Masonry Columns come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors, and with a few options. Our Parts Numbering System Works like this: NWLS-SS_2250 is a typical part number for the column (we refer to them as a base). NW=Nu-Wood LS=Limestone is the STYLE SS= Sierra Sand is the COLOR 2250= 20″ Square x 50″ Tall is the SIZE Call our customer service hotline for help ordering the perfect columns for your next project at 574-534-1192

The abilities of Nu-Wood’s Masonry Columns are nothing short of amazing.

Forget that they can be installed regardless of the ambient temperature, that there is no need for footers, or they are impervious to moisture, sunlight and insects. What is really impressive is their dexterity. They can be used as a stand-alone column or post. They can be wired as a lamp post. On the 20×50 models, utilizing the E-Z Mason ™ collars, fencing can be anchored and supported. AND the ONLY specials required are:

  • The ability to run a post hole digger
  • The ability to mix a bag of Quikrete (or similar) and read a level
  • The ability to operate a caulking gun.

REALLY….it is that easy to install a Nu-Wood Masonry Column!