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A Nu-Wood Entrance System is one of the simplest ways to make a big aesthetic difference to one of the most highly visible parts of your home.


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PLEASE NOTE:  True for ALL Nu-Wood Millwork products -SAVE TIME AND MONEY – all products come ready for install right out of the box as they are finished with only the highest quality exterior coatings. No re-painting is necessary. ALSO AVAILABLE,  factory custom applied color options.

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How To Order Entrance Features:


How to order entrance systems

1. Determine The Door Opening.

This is the distance between the Pilasters (Measurement “A”). Make adjustments for brick molding, double rabbeted jambs, or other special situations. For example a 36″ door with brick moulding will have an “A” dimension of 40″. If the entrance system includes one or two sidelights, dimension “A” is the length from the outside brick mould edge on the left to the outside of the brick mould on the right.




2. Determine The Overall Dimension.

The overall dimension of a standard pediment, combination pediment or header (Measurement “B”) can be obtained by combining dimension “A” with two times the width of the chosen pilaster.




36″ Standard Door Dimension A=40″

+PL790F Pilasters 7″ Pilaster x 2=14″

Pediment or Header Width = 54″

Pediments and Pilasters

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