35 x 700 stripe

Didn’t See The Style, Size Or Color You Need?

Nu-Wood’s custom department can make many items not listed on this web site or in our catalog. Give us a call to discuss alterations to existing parts or share your own thoughts and ideas.


We utilize Sherwin Williams as a partner in our paint department for all of our painted surfaces. Because we work so closely with Sherwin Williams, we can custom paint any part(s) you need custom painted with “out of the box” simplicity. Contact our Customer Service Department to order your custom colors.




Some of the common custom parts that we make are:

  • Louvers (Changes in Size, Style or Pitch)
  • Sunrise Pediments (Changes in Size, Style or Pitch)
  • Flat Arches (Changes in Size, Radius and Trim Options)
  • Shutters
  • Brackets


Reproductions for Restorations are a great way to preserve originality.



Westborough Town Hall

This historic town hall was in dire need of renovation, and the client insisted on historically accurate replacement parts. Below are a few pictures taken before work started.


The supplier for the contractor, The Cheyenne Company, contacted Nu-Wood and then sent us sample parts so that we could make molds and supply the contractor with the polyurethane millwork that was needed so that the project could be restored to exact standards.  Because the contractor chose to use Nu-Wood synthetic millwork, the parts that they had us fabricate for them to reconstruct with will never be affected by moisture, the sun or insects. Nu-Wood parts are usually a lower cost upfront compared to their wooden counterparts, they arrive ready to install so there is less cost in construction & finishing AND down the road – they will never need to be repainted – less ongoing cost for future maintenance!