Expansive Millwork Offering Available from Nu-Wood


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Expansive Millwork Offering Available from Nu-WoodTM

SYRACUSE, IN – Nu-WoodTM, a leading industry synthetic millwork manufacturer, has marked more than 30 years in business with the launch of a series of PVC Columns. Located in Indiana, the Made-in-America manufacturer offers a full selection of polyurethane, PVC and faux panel products for residential and commercial projects.

“Our company produces a complete line of architectural millwork for both interior and exterior applications,” says Randy Miller, director of sales for Nu-Wood, a Jasper Plastics company. “Our parent company, Jasper Plastics, has been producing high-density rigid polyurethane pieces for almost 50 years in Indiana. The specialty aspect of Nu-Wood is that we create products for the building industry that are rot-, moisture-, mold-, insect- and impact-resistant. These pieces replicate exacting, crisp architectural details and will not rot, crack, absorb water or swell. Plus, they readily accept paint and stain.”

The Nu-Wood Classic Color Program offers builders and remodelers the option of having any Nu-Wood product painted at the Nu-Wood manufacturing site with one of 1,500 available Sherwin-Williams┬« paint colors. Special equipment is set up in a sterile area of the plant to assure no dust or airborne particles adhere to the wet paint as it’s applied. Paint sprayers get into every nook and cranny of a piece to assure a uniform and complete paint application.

“This precision paint system saves jobsite labor and money because the painted Nu-Wood pieces arrive ready to install,” says Miller. “Plus, our specialized system is actually better for painting the pieces than manual jobsite paint application. At our facility, while wet, the painted products go through large ovens with filtered air to cure the paint. This is a unique process that provides an outstanding bond between the material and paint. When painted pieces come out of the ovens, they’re tack-free and ready to ship. The speed and accuracy we achieve at our facility just isn’t something that can be duplicated on the job site.”

Nu-Wood polyurethane products, which come in 14 categories, are known for their minimal expansion and contraction issues. The products are extremely durable in high heat and cold weather climates. The lightweight products are easy to install and have enviable low-maintenance features. Key product categories include entrance and window systems, gables, louvers, shutters, decorative millwork and moldings. The company also manufactures PVC columns and faux panels.

The comprehensive www.nu-wood.com web site provides details on all company products plus specifics on ordering custom pieces and installation instructions. Available throughout the United States and Canada, Nu-Wood polyurethane products all come with a two-coat factory finish that prevents the piece from splitting, cracking or peeling, something that often occurs with wood millwork.

Nu-Wood, a Jasper Plastics company, has created easy-to-install decorative millwork for more than 30 years. The company produces polyurethane, PVC, faux stone and brick products that are all proudly sourced, designed and manufactured in America. Lightweight Nu-Wood products resist peeling, rot, moisture and insects, making them an ideal decorative accent product for the exterior and interior of residential and commercial projects. For more information, visit www.nu-wood.com or call 574-534-1192.