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Contact: Kathy Ziprik




A Nu Year for Nu-WoodTM


            SYRACUSE, IN – 2017 marks the start of a “nu” year for Nu-WoodTM, a leading industry synthetic millwork manufacturer located in Indiana. Along with the company’s comprehensive offering of polyurethane products, Nu-Wood now offers faux stone and brick products for interior and exterior applications.

            The company’s line of composite deck and railing sleeves feature faux brick, cobblestone and stucco products. The realistic-looking sleeves and caps can be installed around existing column posts to upgrade the look of the posts. The deck sleeves are designed to slip over a 6″ x 6″ or 4″ x 4″ post. 

            Durable and maintenance free, Nu-Wood brand faux sleeves enhance the look and value of a project. Designed for both residential and commercial applications, the deck sleeves are impact-resistant and molded from a resilient closed-cell structural polyurethane.

            “These deck sleeves can handle all types of weather and will remain fade resistant,” says Randy Miller, sales director of Nu-Wood, a Jasper Plastics company. “For the property owner, the truly great thing is that these are worry-free products. They’ll never rot, crack, scale or shift like traditional masonry pieces do from time to time.”

            Inspired by natural materials, the versatile faux stone and brick sleeves can be used for both new construction and remodeling projects. The columns can be stacked vertically to wrap around posts of any height.  The lightweight nature of the polyurethane makes it easy for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers to tackle this home improvement project.

            “Wrapping a column is so simple with this product,” says Miller. “You just slip it over the column. Plus we have one version where there are two matching halves of the piece that can be attached with deck screws. For this version, after caulking mortar joint seams and the recessed screw heads with the included color-matched Nu-Wood mortar seal, the project is complete and ready to be admired!”

            Nu-Wood offers the solid deck sleeves in Brick Bordeaux, Stucco Tan and Cobblestone Summer Tan. The split two-piece deck sleeve comes in Cobblestone Summer Tan. Two different cap styles — Flagstone and Pyramid — are also available.

            Nu-Wood, a Jasper Plastics company, has created easy-to-install decorative millwork for more than 30 years. The company produces polyurethane, PVC, faux stone and brick products that are all proudly sourced, designed and manufactured in America. Lightweight Nu-Wood products resist peeling, rot, moisture and insects, making them an ideal decorative accent product for the exterior and interior of residential and commercial projects. For more information, visit www.nu-wood.com or call 574-534-1192.