Faux Masonry Panels

Front of a Home with Ledgestone Panels in Durango color and A faux ledge

We have a WIDE variety of  Brick and Stone Faux Masonry Panels to use for both interior and exterior applications.

Nu-Wood offers a variety of faux products to help you get your project done fast. Outstanding quality, amazing detail, ease & speed of install and impressive performance are all reasons to take a look at the  Brick and Stone Faux Masonry Panels that Nu-Wood manufactures. Overall cost savings comparing traditional masonry products and labor to  Brick and Stone Faux Masonry Panels and installation is amazing. No need to hire specialized sub contractors –  Brick and Stone Faux Masonry Panels are as easy to install as siding – and go up even quicker….AND, just like all other Nu-Wood products, Brick and Stone Faux Masonry Panels and are 100% sourced and made in the USA. Below are SOME of our styles and colors that include panels, corners and columns.

Nu-Wood boasts 8 different style panels that can be painted in 15 different HAND painted color schemes.

Below is an image of each of our current Faux Masonry Panels. Please make note of the following:

  • Not all panels are available in all colors
  • The panels are all approx 48″ wide  x 30″ tall EXCEPT the Stacked Stone, which is approx 48″ x 37″ and Original Brick which is approx 52″ x 22″.
  • All panels can be used as easily for exterior applications as they can for interior applications.

Nu-Wood has used advanced molding technology to create our line of faux products. These pieces are so life like it is difficult to distinguish between our faux products and the real thing. Our thermal-expanding process not only offers an amazing look, but also exceptional performance and durability. All of our Faux Masonry products are hand painted to look more like natural stone and brick and to reduce pattern repetition. For decades of outstanding durability, our painting and glazing processes provide a UV resistant finish. Also, urethane products are impervious to moisture and insects, so you can feel confident that our Faux Masonry Panels and Columns will be looking good for decades to come.

Durable and Maintenance Free.

Nu-Wood Faux Masonry Panels and Faux Masonry Columns are impact resistant and designed for everyday residential and commercial applications. Molded from closed – cell structural polyurethane in our controlled manufacturing facility, our products will stand up to harsh weather and environments and remain fade resistant. This means our faux products will not rot, crack, scale, shift or experience efflorescence like traditional masonry.

Easy Installation.

Nu-Wood Faux Masonry Panels and Faux Masonry Columns offer significant savings over traditional masonry by reducing installation labor, heavy material handling equipment, material costs and often minimize structural design requirements. Our easy to handle lightweight deck sleeves are engineered for rapid installation using adhesive, fasteners and common hand tools.


Our artisans, design engineers and manufacturing processes have captured the look of natural materials. We take great pride in providing you with an unmatched authentic look in a high performance composite building product.

Design Flexibility.

Personalize the look of your next project by using Nu-Wood Faux Masonry Panels and Faux Masonry Columns. Our versatile product offering provides you with the architectural design flexibility you require within a budget you desire. Residential or commercial…new construction or renovation…we offer you limitless design flexibility.

Available Options:


Staggered Corners are available for Faux Masonry Panels in Cobblestone and Ledgestone styles.

Straight Corners are available for Castlerock  Faux Masonry Panels.

Brick Corners (staggered) are available for Classic Brick and Weathered Brick Faux Masonry Panels in both Left and Right

Fieldstone Faux Masonry Panels use OC4448 and IC4448 corners, available in Limestone and Cobblestone styles.

Cobblestone Staggered Corner

Cobblestone Shadow Grey Staggered Corner

Straight Castlerock Left Corner

Castle Rock Durango Straight Corner

Classic Brick Corner

Classic Brick in Bordeax


Ledges are available in 48″ lengths, both (inside and outside)and are available in Limestone and Classic Brick Styles

outside ledge
Outside Corner - Limestone
inside ledge
Inside Corner - Limestone
Ledge - Limestone

Adhesive and Mortar for Faux Masonry Panels

Use Accent Bond ™ to secure the panels to the substrate (as well as screws – see installation instructions). Use Mortar Seal™ to cover screw heads, joints and seams. Both of these items are available through your local Nu-Wood distributor.

Bond and Seal

Views of the same corner before and after Mortar Seal ™ was applied and allowed to dry.